The Wolf Way

For some reason, there’s a whole lotta lupine on my mind at the moment. “Hey, there there’s such tender wolves ’round town tonight” is a line from “Star Witness,” a track that illustrates why Neko Case is my current favorite singer. It’s on the tremendous Fox Confessor Brings the Flood.

The Boston Globe reported that the animal that killed 13 sheep and lambs last year was an Eastern gray wolf. The wolf did the killing, and then was itself killed, last year. The confirmation that it was indeed a wolf came earlier this month. Thanks to phodge100 for the photo of an Eastern gray wolf.

My favorite picture of wolves is Adam’s drawing of the Good Little Wolf accepting a ham sandwich from his big bad uncle. You can see a thumbnail of it, with links to a larger version and to the story it illustrates, at an earlier post.

Candidates for a closing musical number include Los Lobos and Sergei Prokofiev. I’ll embed one video and link to another.


I love (semi-obligatory Valentine’s Day reference) books, and have a few book-related things to inflict on you. First, I have an account at Goodreads. Actually, I’ve had one for a while, but I’ve recently started using it, thanks to a couple of friend requests.

Second, I’m delighted to report the blog-to-book deal for Strange Maps.

Third, Adam Koford’s recent post at Drawn! might have been written for me. That’s not just because it recommends a Complete Idiot’s Guide. It’s because it concerns people who think that they have a children’s book in them (and there do seem to be an awful lot of us), realize that such books are usually illustrated, and think that this means that they need to find an illustrator before submitting to a publisher.

Adam states that “publishers never want to see unsolicited manuscripts with art.” He also refers to the problem of requests to provide illustrations for someone’s book, or idea for one. I’m glad I didn’t ask him if he wanted to work with me on mine. I’m also glad that he has already done an illustration for one of my stories.