Basia Bulat

There is no current shortage of female singer/songwriters. My current favorite among the crowd is Basia Bulat. If I had to categorize her music, it would be as folk, although Rhapsody describes it as Alternative/Punk, and Basia’s MySpace page as “Pop/Folk/Melodramatic Popular Song.”

Her band includes her brother on enthusiastic percussion (and photography, an example of which you see in this post) and Holly the blogging ukulelist. Basia herself switches between guitar and autoharp. You can see her clutching the latter and she and her entourage bop through the woods in the “In the Night” video.

Basia has an album, Oh, My Darling, out, and is due to go back in to the studio this summer to record a second. Her Session at Radio K includes a new song, which I presume will be on the new album. It also includes a full-length version of “Before I Knew,” a short version of which opens the current album.

She also did a Session at Daytrotter, from which this cover of Daniel Johnston’s “True Love Will Find You In The End” comes.

Any other Boston area bloggers thinking of going to see Basia on Sunday? She and Devotchka are playing the Paradise.