Local Natives

Today is the last new release day ever at Lala (Tuesday is new release day in the USA, and Lala closes next Monday, May 31). So this seems like a good time to reflect on music itself, as well as on the tech through which we access music.

My favorite of 2010 so far is Local Natives’ Gorilla Manor. I see the comparisons with Fleet Foxes and with Vampire Weekend, but find LN very different from, and preferable to, those bands. Anyway,here’s a video of a rather good version of “Wide Eyes.”

I feel as though I ought to link to Local Natives’ site, and I feel just as strongly that I ought to warn you that it might hurt your eyes.

Weather Again

Since my wintry words of yesterday, it has occurred to me that the few inches of snow we got in Boston really doesn’t qualify as a storm, yet is less snow than it took to shut down London.

I’ve also found some clips of a BBC show from 10 years ago: Songwriters Circle. Here is the Crowded House song “Weather With You” done by Neil Finn, backed by Roddy Frame (Aztec Camera) on lead acoustic guitar and Graham Gouldman (10cc).

Oliver Noggin Pops His Clogs

There’s a lot of very good TV for kids. I’m not saying that just to comfort my parent-self, but also because of most of the kids TV shows on WGBH TV: Word Girl, Arthur, etc.

When I think back to the TV I saw as a kid, my fondest memory is of Noggin the Nog. Oliver Postgate wrote and told the stories, while his partner Peter Firmin did the visuals. If I had to explain why storytelling is so wonderful, I’d play the introduction to Noggin.

Let’s enjoy some Noggin together now, and then meet again after the video in for more Oliver info.

Oliver just died, at age 83. I found out his death via Nicholas. The BBC obit emphasizes some of Oliver’s other creations, such as Bagpuss and Ivor the Engine, but it is for Noggin that I will always remember him. I don’t think he’d object to my use of the Brit expression to pop one’s clogs.