Three Things I Liked About Dallas

I like exploring places new to me. The thing I liked most about my recent trip to Dallas was that, for the first time in over two years, I was able to travel to and explore a new place.

The second, and most Dallas-specific thing, was the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. Its website is It is in the building from which Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy. The museum gives great insight into the early 1960s, Kennedy, the assassination, and the many theories about the assassination.

I also enjoyed visits to the Dallas Museum of Art and to other art museums. But if you have to visit just one of the city’s many museums, I recommend heading to Dealey Plaza.

The third thing was the food, and in particular, barbeque. Maybe bbq should have been the first thing! They cook bbq slow and serve it fast (I lunched early, avoiding peak times). The beef at the famous Pecan Lodge was particularly tasty, although I’ll never be able to resist pulled pork.

I was also impressed by Tex-Mex, Chinese, and Indian food in the Dallas area.

I really enjoyed my few days in Dallas. But what did I miss?

Memorial Day Weekend

Today is the USA’s Memorial Day, the holiday on which the nation both looks back to remember those who lost their lives in military service, and looks forward to summer. As an alien here (albeit a resident one now), I continue to be surprised to how clearly defined summer is here: start on Memorial Day, end on Labor Day.

Two Flowers, SquaredThe early part of our weekend was well occupied by a lovely family wedding. The rehearsal and dinner were on Friday, with the service and reception on Saturday.

Here I am outside the church after the service. My daughter Maddie gave me the flowers and took the picture. Earlier, she had been senior flower girl, with little brother Max in a tux as the ring bearer. Those are big responsibilities when you’re 4+ and 1+ respectively, but each did a great job.

Had we not been at the wedding, we might have made it to Earthfest, which the Globe tells us was excellent.

Yesterday was May 25. The list of people with that birthday is impressive, and not just because it should include my wife. I went out to get breakfast, made lunch, and the evening meal was at a kid-rich BBQ (you know what I mean).

Today is Memorial Day itself. Maddie is at her first drop-off play date. We are confident that she will be fine. But will she be good?