Camera: Why?

Why buy a camera when smartphone cameras are so good?

The strongest answer is that many cameras are much better than any current or future phone. If you’ve got, say, $1,000 to spend on camera, lenses, and accessories, then you should probably buy a camera.

What if your budget is $300, with a preference for spending less? The answer might be to put that money towards a new cellphone. That wasn’t my answer.

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Digging the Castle Island Beach

Beach Building BeginsWednesday was Bunker Hill Day, and so Boston Public Schools were closed. A bunch of us went to Castle Island in South Boston.

Some of the kids decided to build a seawater “bath.” Maddie (my 5yo daughter) was one of the kids on the project from start to finish. The photo shows the start. The finish would have come more quickly were it not for the following cycle:

  1. Let’s make a river from the sea to the bath.
  2. But water flows downhill [i.e. from bath to sea, rather than vice versa].
  3. Build a damn [to stop the water flowing out of the bath and into the sea].
  4. Once the damn was established, it was back to step 1.

I’m glad that real construction projects in Boston are better-managed…

Enthusiastic Yelping About Gloucester (MA)

Breaking WaveI just Yelped about the Lone Gull coffeehouse in Gloucester town, and about Good Harbor Beach. Five stars for each.

The photo is of course of said beach. The island is an island most of the time, but you can walk across the sand to it at low tide.

One gripe about Yelp: sometimes the details of a business give an obvious but wrong web address. For example, it gives lonegull dot com as the URI for the coffeehouse, and that URI is indeed in use, but for something completely different.