Binging Michael Jackson

I should spend a little more time with Bing, and I’m still trying to find details of the Michael Jackson show I believe I attended. Bing told me about the site Michael Jackson Live! Apparently it allows one to “Be the first to know Michael’s next move.”

Following the link took me to the registration page. The dates page is about future shows (rather than about the long-ago show in which I am interested). Apparently “VIP Packages are still available” even though show dates aren’t. I wonder what you have to give up to get one of those tickets…

Things That Aren't (Just) Search

So, what isn’t (just) search? The last week or two has given us great insight into this question.

  • Yahoo is not a search company. Good call by CEO Carol Bartz. I’m glad to see that the stock has gone up: I bought some a few months ago, on the basis that things couldn’t get much worse without provoking a takeover.
  • Wolfram Alpha is not a search engine. It’s “a computational knowledge engine,” and so can do some things better than Google or other search engines.
  • Bing is, according to one of its URLs and to the video currently there, a decision engine. I agree with Erick at TechCrunch that Bing isn’t the best name. It makes me think of the singer, and of the song “I’m dreaming of a blue screen of death“.

For the record, I’m not a search engine either. I am married with children.