Moo Minicards and Flickr Pro

Japanese Garden Bridge MinicardIf you have a new* Flickr Pro account, you can get a free 10-pack of Moo minicards. The image is a minicard-proportioned crop of one of my photos. Feel free to use it, or any of the other minicard crops in my MooMini4U photoset.

Even if you don’t have a Flickr account, MOO MiniCards are cool, and you are still welcome to use my crops.

More MooCoolness to be posted here soon…

*I’m not sure exactly what new means here. Follow the link and see whether you get free minicards. That’s what I did, and I did 🙂

Business Cards For Bloggers

I have a recently-developed thing about business cards for bloggers (and other web publishers). If you share this interest, you might want to check out Brian Yerkes’ Business Cards of Bloggers gallery.

Here’s my contribution to his gallery, unworthy though it is to appear alongside some of the masterpieces there. The unworthiness arises, not only from my design, but also from the already-bewailed thin white stripe down the left-hand side of the card.

On a related note, I am thinking of becoming a value-added reseller of business cards for bloggers and the like. Criteria include: quality of product; drop shipping direct to customer; willingness to give a decent cut to the VAR. Suggestions welcome…

Business Card Closeup

Business Cards

Business CardsDo you want business cards for your blog? The answer may well be yes, especially given how cheap it is to get personalized business cards these days. Go to one of the many web-based card printing services, choose a standard format or design your own, and there you go.

I went with VistaPrint, as you can see. My overall impression is positive. My wave photo works well, was printed well. The text shows up well: the black serif text in the sky, and the white sans-serif text in the sea.

On the other hand, there is a little white stripe down the side of the cards, despite my having uploaded exactly the recommended size. And perhaps I should have sprung the extra for text on the back, which would probably have been the tagline/haiku “Andrew weighs in on the ways in which the web and the world are changing.” The card looks rather vague and new-agey. Then again, it’s unlikely that I’ll give a card to a person unless I have a chance to explain the blog to them.

VistaPrint is pretty relentless when it comes to offering deals. Its actions stress the “best price” part of its tagline more than the “best printing.” Given my price sensitivity when looking for cards, I can’t argue with that too much.