Sea Serpents and Suchlike

One of the things I suggested relatives buy for our 5yo daughter was The Sea Serpent and Me. I’m delighted to say that Maddie got the book, that Catia Chien‘s illustrations are just as lovely as I hoped, that Dashka Slater‘s words are also lovely, that words and pictures go together wonderfully well, and that Maddie likes the book as much as I do.

I was pleased to see that Sea Serpent was one of the books for sale at the Museum of Science: to be precise, it was in the stock of things relevant to the Mythic Creatures exhibition. We enjoyed the exhibition. The kids particularly liked being able to build their own dragons, and to release them so that they could fly through the virtual clouds. Apparently dragons can fly even in the presence of Microsoft error boxes.


“Our City Savior” is one of three prints by Ric Stultz just added by Blue Flip Art. I hadn’t previously heard of Blue Flip, but I applaud people “dedicated to bringing you high-quality, low-priced print by kick-ass artists and helping some charities in the process.”

I’ve posted previously about Ric’s work. The most recent post was about prints available at Shack29. It turns out that those prints are gone.

To revisit a couple of other print-related posts, it occurs to me that a certain Mari Inukai print and Catia Chien print would go really well together. And, talking of Catia, I’m delighted to say that I just received one of her limited edition prints as a gift.

Tis the Season to Be Showcased

Meditation, by Catia ChienTiny Showcase has expanded for the winter! This showcase for art prints is usually tiny in that it releases one small, limited-edition print a week.

This week, however, Tiny Showcase released four prints, in larger sizes than usual. with the edition limited by time rather than by number. One of the prints is Meditation, by Catia Chien.