Metacuratorship and the CD Revival

I just read A Future History of the CD Revival. Ten years from now, there are clubs based around burning music CDs. The physical discs aren’t just pleasingly shiny.

Unlike today’s collaborative, crowdsourced, and automatically generated playlists, a CD’s tracklisting is fixed, and the CD-burning scene is an opportunity for music lovers to show their deep individual loves of music, its sequencing and presentation.

The article is at Pitchfork. I found it via a selection of the top music articles of 2010, which I in turn found via Largehearted Boy.

I appreciate LHB’s music and lit blog, especially his curatorship of the certain musical strands of the web. He often points in turn to selections, so we have multiple levels of curatorship here…

Vinyl to Overtake CD

Will vinyl overtake CD in terms of music sales? It occurred to me today that it will. I was at the time reading Vinyl goes from throwback to comeback, a snappily-titled article starting on the front page of the Boston Globe.

This isn’t a prediction that vinyl will once again dominate the music industry. I just believe that its cultish appeal will hold up as the sun rapidly sets on the CD.

Strangely enough, I have recently and actively sought out CDs. But they are particular CDs: the Rhino reissues of Elvis Costello albums. Rights on the Costello catalog have passed on to Hip-O. (In the USA, that is; I don’t known about the rest of the world, the catalog being quite confusing enough in this country.) You can read about these reissues, and about Gary Stewart, who put them together, at the Rhino site and at the NY Times.

But back to my prediction that vinyl will overtake CD. Do you agree? If so, care to leave a comment with your prediction as to when it will happen?