New Year Continues

bandes_chinatown494The Chinese/lunar new year, that is. It’s a 15-day festival that finishes on Mon Feb 9, so we’re about halfway through it. There were festivities in Boston’s Chinatown today. We didn’t go, but our way back from the Childrens Museum took us near, so we caught a little from the car.

Charles Bandes was among those who went and took photos. His blog post does a great job of establishing the Chinatown context with photos such as this one (thanks to Charles for permission to post this copyrighted image). The post also reminds me of some of the reasons we decided not to take the kids to Chinatown today: “I had forgotten just how loud and smoky the fireworks are – got a little too close to some and got sprayed with bits of paper.”

I found Charles via Universal Adam, who also linked today to an interesting account of eating a pig’s head.