Live Music Ahoy! Newport Festival Saturday

The Newport Folk Festival celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. We’ll be there on Saturday, August 1. Here’s a playlist featuring some of the acts I expect to see (and led me to favor Saturday over Sunday, despite the fact that Neko Case is playing on Sunday).

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New England, Of Thee We Sing

Pumpkins in the SunThere are lots of songs about New England, even if you don’t include the ones about specific states, cities, etc. The thought came to me when I heard that the Decemberists have a song out called “O New England.” Time for a playlist of songs about New England, I decided.

If you thought, based on the photo, that the playlist includes the song “When Fall Comes to New England,” you’d be wrong. If you thought, based on the first paragraph, that it would comprise songs about New England, you’d be wrong again.

As Enough Cowbell noted, the the Decemberists’ song goes on about New York, which is not in New England. As for the other song, Kirsty MacColl wasn’t singing about New England either.

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I was going to include the rather wonderful Jonathan Richman song “New England,” but only a 30-second clip is available at Lala, where I’d already started making the playlist. And I realized that there was a pattern in the song titles that cries out for three more songs: “E New England,” “I New England,” and “U New England.”

Someone please write the missing songs. Feel free to take liberties with the titles. “I, New England” sounds like a winner. I’m less sure about “(Nothing Compares 2) U New England.”