Getting Cooler

Autumn is almost here, and we plan to go apple picking this coming weekend, probably to Tougas Farm again. Talking of local stuff, here’s the Boston area weather forecast: it will get cooler until I remove our air conditioners for the year, and then there will be a sudden heatwave.

This illustration by Christian Lindemann (via Drawn!) captures autumn rather well.

Twilight of the Tiki: Prints

I love the Twilight of the Tiki series of prints by Chet Phillips (via Drawn!). They are on sale for $20 each at Etsy. Browsing them is great fun, not just for the art, but for the description of each tiki. For example:

When the sun touches the horizon in the evening the Sunset Tiki’s mouth magically animates into a wide grin with a wood-splintering crack. After one minute it then returns to its original solemn expression. This ancient phenomenon began occurring immediately after two lovers separated for years reunited atop its head at sunset.

Should I order one? Hard to say, given that I don’t have a Monkey Decider.

Natalie Kocsis

Yet another artist to whom my attention has been Drawn! is Natalie Kocsis. Most of the work in her portfolio is less cute and more grotesque than Lucy here, as the example at Drawn! shows.

A nerdy aside: one of the ways in which the interface changed recently was in the way we can include images in posts. This thumbnail is generated by WordPress. It’s rather smaller than I like images in posts to be, but the medium size image generated is rather larger (400 rather than 128 rather than the just-right 240 of the small image size at Flickr).

Jane Jenni

Jane Jenni CupA few months ago, we bought some plates at Aunt Sadie’s in the South End. We loved the designs.

The artist, Jane Jenni, has just been featured at Drawn! That reminded me to post, and gave me a link to Jane’s site, and hence a source of images.

I don’t think that this is one of the designs we saw, and you may have noticed that it’s a cup rather than a plate, but you get the idea.