Securonomics: Dubner Interviews Schneier

There’s a fascinating interview with security guru Bruce Schneier at Freakonomics/NYT. It’s full of comments like this.

I write my passwords down. There’s this rampant myth that you shouldn’t write your passwords down. My advice is exactly the opposite. We already know how to secure small bits of paper. Write your passwords down on a small bit of paper, and put it with all of your other valuable small bits of paper: in your wallet.

Dubner asks pretty good questions, too. This is my favorite, despite its length.

You have repeatedly maintained that most of the investments that the government has made towards counter-terrorism are largely “security theater,” and that the real way to combat terrorism is to invest in intelligence. However, Tim Weiner’s book, Legacy of Ashes, says that the U.S. government is particularly inept at gathering and processing intelligence. Does that leave us with no hope at all?

I’ll leave it to you to read the response, to read why Bruce Schneier keeps his home wireless network open, and so on.