OpenSocial: Google’s Meta-Net

There has been much recent posting about OpenSocial. Here’s some good snappy writing from Michael Arrington: a sentence on what OpenSocial is, followed by a sentence on why Google is doing it.

Google wants to create an easy way for developers to create an application that works on all social networks. And if they pull it off, they’ll be in the center, controlling the network.

Other good posts include those from Charlene Li and from Marc Andreessen. Each wondered why Yahoo wasn’t one of the first involved in the announcement.

I was more surprised by the absence of Six Apart. Now it appears that Six Apart will be an OpenSocial partner. That’s according to a post at Valleywag, which adds the following (probably wise) advice. “For those of you keeping count at home, don’t bother. The list is surely to grow as word gets out.”