Google Sites

So I set up a site on PTO (Putting Things Off), mainly so I could try out Google Sites. As Glyn points out, Sites:

  • is to some extent a repackaging of JotSpot, the wiki outift that Google acquired over a year ago.
  • isn’t packaged as a wiki, but as “a kind of super-duper easy-peasy Web site creation tool that even idiots like us can use.”
  • thus is rather similar to Google Pages.

In fact, an idiot like me could find himself using Google Pages when setting up his site, even though he meant to use Google Sites. It’s not the first time that I have found “easy-peasy” software rather confusing, and I suspect it won’t be the last., Google, Yahoo Making Music Together

For those of us hosted at, there are multiple ways to include music in a post. the simplest is to point the WordPress audio player at an MP3 file.

This raises the question of where to stash the MP3 files. In a recent support forum thread, DZonson suggested the use of Google Pages. You use Google Page Creator to set up a site, upload the MP3s, put them on a page, publish the page, and you can then use the WordPress MP3 player at the MP3s.

You can take one more step in order to make such GPC pages available as playlists. You can edit each page’s html to add a line of javascript invoking the Yahoo Media Player. I like this simple, lightweight player, and I like the way it turns a storage bin for MP3s into a page that can be made interesting in its own right.

I should note that GPC is part of Google labs, which is a place for projects “that aren’t quite ready for prime time.” GPC imposes space limits, currently 10MB on a file and 100MB on a site (but you can have multiple sites).

I should also note that Yahoo Media Player can’t be used directly at itself, since it is javascript. I wish it could be made available, in much the same way as services such as Sonific are available.