Google Sites Revisited

Google Sites (previously) is now open for everyone (as Mashable Stan puts it). In other words, it’s available as just Google Sites, rather than as part of Google Apps.

My first thought was: can I stow MP3 files there and play them from this blog (which does not have the space upgrade and hence cannot host its own MP3s)? and if so what are the storage limits? (I sometimes have rather long thoughts. And I sometimes over-use parentheses.)

It turns out that Sites is a good home for MP3s, such as this track from the Barenaked Ladies rather charming kids album Snacktime. It’s topical, seasonal even, for many of us in the northern hemisphere.

Sites Help states that: Attached files and uploaded images are currently limited to 10 MB. Each domain is limited to 10 GB in total size. The 10 MB is more than enough for most tracks. The file embedded in this post isn’t a good example, since it’s less than two minutes, and encoded at 192 Kbps, but it takes about a quarter of the 10 MB limit. Nevertheless, the 10 GB limit means more than 1,000 tracks.

So I’m liking what I see of Google Sites. It’s likely to take over from Google Page Creator as my place to store the MP3s I embed here. I mean to spend some time making musicway a site worth visiting, rather than a warehouse, but there are many things higher on my to-do lists.

Google Sites

So I set up a site on PTO (Putting Things Off), mainly so I could try out Google Sites. As Glyn points out, Sites:

  • is to some extent a repackaging of JotSpot, the wiki outift that Google acquired over a year ago.
  • isn’t packaged as a wiki, but as “a kind of super-duper easy-peasy Web site creation tool that even idiots like us can use.”
  • thus is rather similar to Google Pages.

In fact, an idiot like me could find himself using Google Pages when setting up his site, even though he meant to use Google Sites. It’s not the first time that I have found “easy-peasy” software rather confusing, and I suspect it won’t be the last.