Haiku for January 2005

Colors! New year’s dawn?
No, return of last pizza
From 2014.

The haiku describes the my first waking minutes of 2015. No, I didn’t celebrate the new year wildly I didn’t even stay up to see in 2015.

I’m pretty sure that I had a viral infection. It probably wasn’t flu: I had a flu shot a month or two ago. It probably wasn’t the pizza that made me sick: none of my partners in pizza were sick that night. However, some have been ill subsequently, in a manner compatible with the virus hypothesis.

I just ate cheese for the first time this year, having avoided it since the incident described in the haiku. Some time later this month. I’ll be ready to eat pizza again, and then to make my first batch of pizza of the year.

February will see at least one haiku from me. It will also see another new year: the year of the goat, or sheep, will start on February 19.

I hope that the new year is a happy and healthy one for you.

Haiku-Ready Headline

PCWorld gets it:
Underwhelmed By Chrome OS?
That’s Kinda the Point

Yes, the two parts of the headline are 7 and 5 syllables. Just add a first line, and… instant addition to my collection of Chrome haikus.

Chrome defines a web appliance. I believe there’s a big market for such Chromebooks if they overwhelm in terms of speed and value.

Haiku: 5/7/5 for 06/04/09

Red Sox season dawns
As sunset threatens the Globe
Boo Big Apple twice.

Here in Boston, it’s Red Sox opening day. Or at least it would be, had weather not caused the postponement of the (home) opener until tomorrow.

Another stream of local news focuses on the Globe, the newspaper in danger of closure. The direct source of the threat is the New York Times, owner of the Globe. Jay Fitzgerald (with the help of “ExGlobieInTheNickOfTime”) questioned NYT’s reasoning.

There has got to be something really wrong with 85 million dollars in annual losses … Either the number is crap, or if it’s close to true, it indicates the entire Globe business is crap, and what the heck has the NYT Co. been doing with the Globe for the last several years?

This via Universal Adam, who also provided a roundup of blogging about the prospect of a Globe closure.

Since I wrote the haiku, the Sox opener has been postponed until tomorrow. That seemed like a good idea when I heard about it this morning, and seems like an even better idea given the rainstorm I’ve just come in from.

Boston, Limerick, and Beyond

The Boston Globe is calling for urban limericks. Here’s the one I posted.

Harvard started in Cambridge, not Boston
Then purchased huge portions of Allston
Allstonians were told
There’d be buildings and gold
But the Crimson, it seems, double-crossed ’em.

And now, since you didn’t ask for more…

Here is some poetic advice:
A limerick is very nice
With rhyme it’s alive
But of lines it has five
So a haiku is much more concise.

So, move west to east
that is, from Ireland to Japan
try hand at haiku.

Johnny Haiku

The 6-word memoir meme has spread to Johnny Bunko, the career guide in manga form (previously). Or rather, it’s spread to the Bunko blog, via the personal blog of author Dan Pink.

It’ll soon be time for Bunko haikus (Bunkus?). Here are a couple, the first of which is merely a compression of the six Bunko lessons into 17 syllables.

Do not plan. Think strengths.
It’s not about you. Persist.
Make great mistakes. Leave mark.

Chopsticks snap at dusk
Hastening a new morning
For Johnny’s career.