Lifestreaming With FriendFeed and Traackr

Earlier today at ReadWriteWeb, Josh identified 35 services offering a way to aggregate all the little bits of your online life. Exactly three hours later, at the same site, Sarah identified yet another.

Traackr doesn’t just aggregate the bits, it measures them. You tell it about your “assets,” as it calls the stuff you have at various sites. It then lets you measure your influence and interact with other content producers just like you.

So, although Traackr is lifestreaming service number 36 (or 66, or however many it is how), it has a distinctive position among such services. Its emphasis is on the work currents in your lifestream and on measuring the strength of those currents.

Traackr allows you to group assets into “campaigns.” So my Mug Project Campaign might include a photo on Flickr and a post on this blog. Actually, it’s currently an empty campaign, since Traackr can take up to 24 hours to collect asset data. Also, there’s no way of telling Traackr about content at; I hope that this will change soon.

I’ll link to my Traackr profile, in the hope that by the time you see it, I’ll have a score above zero for view, buzz, and popularity. I’ll also link to my FriendFeed, since, according to Josh, “FriendFeed might hold the crown for most talked about lifestreaming app. It supports nearly 30 web sites.”

To conclude with a rather web-weary comment: it’s strange that, while these lifestreaming services aim to cut across silos/site, each is itself a silo. I signed up for FriendFeed and for Traackr today, and I had to identify my sites to each.