Weather Again

Since my wintry words of yesterday, it has occurred to me that the few inches of snow we got in Boston really doesn’t qualify as a storm, yet is less snow than it took to shut down London.

I’ve also found some clips of a BBC show from 10 years ago: Songwriters Circle. Here is the Crowded House song “Weather With You” done by Neil Finn, backed by Roddy Frame (Aztec Camera) on lead acoustic guitar and Graham Gouldman (10cc).

Snow and Other 4-Letter Words

Mount of SnowThis is the mountain of snow formed by clearing the parking lots around the Roche Bros Supermarket (and neighboring stores) in West Roxbury. Since I took this picture 8 days ago, we’ve had another snowstorm, resulting in Boston schools being closed last Wednesday, and it’s snowing again now.

It’s also been snowing in the land of my birth (UK), so here are reports from a couple of the places I lived in when I was there. In Nottingham, the BBC set up a webcam at “Slab Square.” The camera captured a four-letter word, which wasn’t snow.

Meanwhile, London pretty much shut down due to a snowfall that wouldn’t be out of the ordinary here in Boston. I found on Reddit a pretty good account of why London couldn’t cope with a scant few inches.