“Our City Savior” is one of three prints by Ric Stultz just added by Blue Flip Art. I hadn’t previously heard of Blue Flip, but I applaud people “dedicated to bringing you high-quality, low-priced print by kick-ass artists and helping some charities in the process.”

I’ve posted previously about Ric’s work. The most recent post was about prints available at Shack29. It turns out that those prints are gone.

To revisit a couple of other print-related posts, it occurs to me that a certain Mari Inukai print and Catia Chien print would go really well together. And, talking of Catia, I’m delighted to say that I just received one of her limited edition prints as a gift.

Gallery Nucleus Site Redesign

tonohime1.jpgAs multiple previous posts have shown, I like Gallery Nucleus. It exhibits work, and sells work, by wonderful artists such as Mari Inukai. Its web site allows a glimpse at this work for those of us who live a long way from the Nucleus store in southern California.

So I put Mari’s “Nippon Seifuku” in my art cart, which is a kind of wishlist of art I’d like for birthday, Christmas, etc. presents. But the link broke!

Gallery Nucleus has redesigned its site. That may be a good thing in some ways. But in that it broke existing links, it is a very bad thing. Given the time of year, the link-breakers may have been the grinches who stole a Mari print from me this Christmas, since I sent my family to the art cart for gift ideas.

I’ve since fixed the link on my art cart. I should add that the image included in this post is also available as a print…