Fun Day, Now For Sunday

Buildings and BuildersThis post is partly a pretext to showcase the photo, of which I am immodestly proud. Maddie is more justly proud of the taller-than-her tower. She built it at the Museum of Science yesterday afternoon.

In the morning, Maddie braved a villain-themed 6th birthday party by herself.
Max and I went to the warm heart of Roslindale. We cut haircuts at the Rialto (I’ve just posted my 5* review at Yelp).

We went to the Farmers Market. It was the last of the year, and, judging by the weather, it’s time for this particular good thing to come to an end for 2009. Kudos to the Creek River String Band (here’s my photo, here’s the band’s MySpace) for providing music despite cold fingers.

We got back to the party just in time for Max to have cake. Then back home for a little rest, then off to the site of the construction in the photo.

Sea Serpents and Suchlike

One of the things I suggested relatives buy for our 5yo daughter was The Sea Serpent and Me. I’m delighted to say that Maddie got the book, that Catia Chien‘s illustrations are just as lovely as I hoped, that Dashka Slater‘s words are also lovely, that words and pictures go together wonderfully well, and that Maddie likes the book as much as I do.

I was pleased to see that Sea Serpent was one of the books for sale at the Museum of Science: to be precise, it was in the stock of things relevant to the Mythic Creatures exhibition. We enjoyed the exhibition. The kids particularly liked being able to build their own dragons, and to release them so that they could fly through the virtual clouds. Apparently dragons can fly even in the presence of Microsoft error boxes.

Boas, Then Beach

Attentive BoaI took the kids to the Museum of Science. We saw not one, but two, boa constrictors. Here is the second and larger of the two. Every Wednesday, she gets two rats, while her smaller friend gets one mouse.

Posting will be very light over the next week or so. I’ll have more beach access than web access. I plan to check email at least every other day, though.

Of Chameleons and Croissants

Veiled ChameleonWe so enjoyed previous visits to the lizards and snakes at the Museum of Science that we went back today. Earlier in the day, (a different) we were in Canto 6 at the same time as Mayor Menino.

Canto 6 would get my vote for best (plain) croissant in Boston. Flour didn’t have any on my most recent visit (and it’s not the first time I’ve caught them with their croissants down), and so lost the “final” by default. But others have done far more extensive research than I have.

Snakes at the Science Museum

We spent much of Sunday at the Museum of Science. We recommend the Lizards & Snakes: Alive! exhibit, which is there until April 27.

Maddie’s favorites are this mamba, which is as venomous as it looks, and its roommate the viper. We’ll hope that she doesn’t demand a reptilian pet for her 5th birthday later this year. Talking of important festivals, we really enjoyed the Chinese New Year celebration at the Children’s Museum last weekend.