Musana Music Locker

TechCrunch had invitations for Musana, a digital music locker service. I grabbed one of them, and soon had my own little slice of the Music Happiness Center, as Musana describes itself.

I haven’t found happiness at Musana yet. Of the 8 tracks I tried to upload, only 2 made it. There were no error messages about the other 6. The two that did make it were the smallest. That makes me suspect that it’s something to do with file size, but the upper limit specified is 15MB/file, and none of the files is over 10.

The Musana people aim to develop numerous music related services and the most accurate recommendations to suit your musical tastes. I need to keep better track of all these music lockers up there in the cloud. I don’t just mean that I’d like a better handle on feature comparisons.

I mean that I wish I could remember where I put which music files. I’d like a tool to keep track of the lockers I’ve tried out, stashing music in them as I did so. MetaLocker? LockerTracker?