First Swings With Ping

Yesterday, Apple announced bushels of stuff, including a music-based social network named Ping. It’s part of iTunes 10. Since iTunes is running on this very machine, I decided to upgrade and to try Ping. This despite the software’s assurance that 8.2.1, which I was running, is the current version of iTunes.

Anyway, I downloaded and installed iTunes 10. It took a while. I tried it. Like Brenna at Mashable, I am unimpressed. Apparently I’d be even more unimpressed if I was a musician trying to get set up on Ping.

I noted that Ping is a corner of the iTunes store, rather than a destination in its own right. So did Sarah at ReadWriteWeb.

I Googled Ping, and saw the golf clubs above the new Apple thing. So did Leena at TechCrunch, who remarks that it seems many seem to have found and signed up at on Apple Ping day.

So far, I find Ping to be a foolishly-named and uninteresting corner of Apple’s empire. But it’s a large and loyal empire…