Two Remarkable Things

A platypus called Frankie just left a comment on this blog. I found this so remarkable that I broke my Twitter silence to tell my legions of followers about it.

As to the second remarkable thing, I’ll leave it to you to decide which of the following best qualifies.

  • The platy is called Frankie. That’s a very unusual name among duck-billed mammals.
  • An Australian (Frankie) complimented a pom (me).
  • Twitter was up.

Jill Sobule, Platypus, and Producers

Two pieces of good news from and about Jill Sobule. In one of my previous posts about Jill, I mentioned the musical Prozak and the Platypus. Well, the first piece of news is that P&P is now up on the web in all its multimedia glory.

At the site, you can listen to the music. I’m listening right now to “Talkin’ Platy,” in which Frankie the platypus introduces himself. You can also, for $15, get the goods: An 11-track music CD with songs sung by Jill; A 30-page comic book written by playwright Ellise Thoron with artwork by KellyAnne Hanrahan; and a sticker!

You can also download the script and put on the show yourself. And upload sections of your production. And end up on a DVD. And appear on Platypus Idol. (One of the sentences in this paragraph is probably false.)

The second piece of good news is that Jill’s next record has been financed by contributions from people like you. Well, not exactly like you, since you probably didn’t contribute, and hence won’t get a producer credit, but you know what I mean. And to what did people somewhat like you contribute?

Jill Sobule is making her seventh studio album… Instead of trying to do it through another record label (her last two labels went out of business), she’s decided to go the “DIY” route, and to seek funding through donations from fans and friends.

I’ve admired Jill’s musical and verbal creativity for over a decade. I now also admire the way in which she pursues opportunities in the music business – rather like a platypus chasing yabbies.