PollDaddy Becomes Automattic

Polls were one of the features missing from WordPress.com as at the start of 2008. Automattic addressed this in May, when a shortcode to include PollDaddy polls became available.

Now Automattic has acquired PollDaddy. For more coverage, see posts at ReadWriteWeb, WordPress.com, and PollDaddy.

The latter post includes the three points familiar to those of us following Automattic acquisitions: great fit in terms of people working together; acquired service will be improved due to Automattic’s infrastracture; service will remain committed to multiple platforms, not just to WordPress. For example, PollDaddy commit to improving support for support for MySpace, Ning, Blogger, Typepad, etc.

PollDaddy Shortcode at WordPress.com

The subject of polls kept on coming up at WordPress.com. There are many polling services, but most of them generate javascript, which isn’t allowed at WordPress.com.

But now there a new WordPress.com shortcode
from PollDaddy. Mark announced it on the forum.

As an example, here’s a poll on the PollDaddy shortcode. (It’s unofficial, in that it was created by me, rather than my WordPress.com or by PollDaddy.)

Update, one week later: I’m closing the poll. Of the 11 respondents, 9 liked the PollDaddy shortcode, and the other 2 don’t use polls, and so are unaffected by it.

The other metapoll of which I’m aware drew similar response: 8 in favor, zero against. To get to that poll/post, you can follow the first link in the comments. It may well be the the same people voted in both polls, so that fewer than 20 people actually responded overall.