Full Face Profile

February 20, 2008

How come most profile photos are full face? That occurred to me as I was choosing and cropping a photo to use on my Livemocha account.

I really should spend my time at that site learning Chinese rather than uploading a profile picture. Livemocha, by the way, is an interesting combination of language learning and social networking.

Google Profiles

December 16, 2007

Yesterday, I realized that I had something called a Google Profile, and that it was linked to my Google Reader account. Today, several of the blogs to which I subscribe using Reader included posts about Google Profiles. One of these, GigaOm, directed me to its colleague Web Worker Daily.

The post at WWD, by Mike Gunderloy, is pretty good, raising some interesting questions. A Google Profile “is simply how you represent yourself on Google Products” – but what are the future plans?

I’m not sure why I’d want a profile that was limited to Google products. I do want a profile that spans products, but I also want a profile that spans vendors.

I’d like to know how Google Profiles will be related to standards such as OpenID. Without a good story on that, Google Profile will begin to look like Microsoft Passport.