Quotes: Deepmemo and Daughter

Do you like quotations? I do, so you can quote me on that (or check out previous posts). So I signed up for Deepmemo after seeing it described by Mashable Stan (emphasis added by me).

Deepmemo tackles competitors such as Google Notebook not with zillions of features, but by its simplicity. It comes in the form of an unobtrusive Firefox Firefox 3 or IE7 plugin… What makes Deepmemo interesting is its social features.

Here’s my Deepmemo page. Here’s a quote from real life. “Nothing slams on the brakes like somebody eating your sandwich.” That’s from Maddie, my 4yo daughter.

Two Strange and Sinster Quotes

The first quote is “CHECKERD SKULL 2PK.” I own the stuff to which it refers. The second is as follows.

In 1933 a bathysphere expedition intended to break the world record for ocean descent was lost under mysterious circumstances. The cause of the disaster was never determined and no three-toed sloth was ever put in command of a bathysphere again.

That second quote inspired the image you (I hope) see. It’s by Phineas X. Jones, and I became aware of it via Robot Walrus.

Back to that first quote, the one about checker’d skulls. It’s from a receipt we got at Old Navy on Sunday, when I bought a 2-pack of socks for $1.99 (less than fitty cent a sock)! One pair has a checker pattern, the other skulls. No prizes for guessing which pair I expect to wear more.

Two Fish of the Day

Two fishy things caught my attention in the last hour or so. The first is one of the Quotes of the Day: Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Give a fish a man, and he’ll eat for weeks! (Beware of, and sorry for, the popups.)

The second is the startup Twofish. Virtual worlds need economies. Perhaps it might be best to outsource the creation of such economies to a specialist. Twofish is such a specialist. As the founder told GigaOm:

Most of the policy decisions about how an economy is structured will be decided by our development partners. Twofish Elements gives them the tools they need to intelligently make those decisions…and we put it all in a format that is easy to understand and even simpler to administrate.

Double piscine coolness.