TrustR: Amazon Ahead; FedEx Follows; Toyota Tries to Tie Tylenol

R is for Recommendation. So TrustR is a metric for Trust and Recommendation: it’s used in a study just published by Millward Brown. On a scale where the average brand scores 100, and anything over 105 is considered good, Amazon wins with 123, with FedEx just one point behind.

Then there are four firms on 120. I’m not sure that there is any statistical significance between them. The last of them, and hence the brand in 6th place, is Tylenol. Toyota is one point behind.

The Tylenol/Toyota juxtaposition is particularly interesting in the light of the recent Toyota Trust(R) turmoil. I’ve posted about it before, prompted in part by a post in which Gene of Levick made the Toyota/Tylenol comparison.

I found out about the study via Om: a blogger/person/source/brand I’m inclined to trust and recommend. I’m also inclined to trust and recommend Amazon.