Short Link to Resume now generates a shortlink for every post, as Matt announces and illustrates. It also generates a shortlink for every page. For example, this cute little URL will take you to my just-updated resume:

This is good news, because the shortlinks will work as long as works: I think that’ll be a long time. I have less confidence in the longevity of small shortlink shops (such as, to which Matt refers in his post).

To conclude with a little buggy detail… The new feature shows up on the New Post page as a Get Shortlink button. When I clicked this button to get the URL, up popped a box with the shortlink nicely highlighted. So I used browser (Chrome) copy to paste it into a tweet, what actually got copied and pasted was the string “URL:”. I’ve dutifully reported this to support.

Job Market 2.0

I’m currently looking out of my ivory tower window at industry jobs. I’m looking at web-related jobs, using, of course, the web.

My main remark on what I’ve seen so far of the web-based job market is that it’s even more silo-ridden than most of the rest of the web. For example, Mashable Sean posted last year about 70+ tools for job hunting 2.0.

More recently, Sarah at RWW took a look at web-enabled job hunting. She provides useful detail on a rather smaller number of tools. Each post attracted comments of the “hey, your didn’t mention my site” variety.

So what about vertical search and aggregation tools for the job hunter? I went to AltSearchEngines, had to page down a few times to find the search box, and found searching the site rather confusing. I won’t get sidetracked by mentioning the other obstacles to use I encountered there.

More on my job search soon. I’ll wrap up this post by pointing out a particularly interesting perspective from the other side: hiring in a 2.0 world, by Aaron Strout at Mzinga.