Safety Advisory

Yaris After CrashThe best thing that can be said about the photo is that nobody died. The worst thing, for me, is that my parents were in the car pictured. To return to the positive side: they were wearing their seatbelts.

This is a Toyota: a Yaris, to be precise. Other posts tagged with Toyota have focused on the recent recall, mainly on the PR aspects. The Toyota in the photo did not malfunction. It functioned rather well, in that it protected its occupants during an impact with a much larger vehicle.

Reader, please wear your seatbelt, and follow other safety rules, such as: no cellphoning while driving. I posted on another blog about spring and safety, using the same photo. Cross-posting is something I usually avoid, so as to save it for important issues – such as safety.

Another Big Dig Safety Hazard

Today’s Boston Globe includes some wonderfully ironic writing from Andrea Estes.

Motorists driving through Big Dig tunnels will, at long last, be able to chat on their cellphones uninterrupted…

“This is something that’s long past due,” said John Walsh, the Massachusetts Democratic Party chairman, who talks nonstop during his drive from Abington to the party’s Charlestown headquarters…

State Senator Michael Morrissey, who also multitasks during his commute from Quincy to Boston, said the lack of service in the tunnels is a more serious public safety concern.

“I’m surprised more people haven’t been in accidents because they have to redial,” he said.

It’s good to know that our leaders are aware of the safety issues. But I fear that the Globe will lose Ms Estes to the Onion.