San Diego Sights

I’m starting this post at the San Diego airport, using the free airport wi-fi. Domo arigato, Diego-San! I’ll finish the post tomorrow, once I’ve got the photos from this afternoon off my camera and up on Flickr. I’m changing planes in LA and then taking the red-eye from there back to Boston.

I left the conference compound (Sheraton, rather swank by my hotel standards) a little before the end of the conference, and took a taxi to the old town for lunch. I then had a wander around the old town state park.

I had time for one other part of San Diego. Balboa Park got the nod (over, for example, the gaslamp quarter). I visited the Museum of Photographic Arts, but resisted the park’s many other museums and enjoyed its fountains, courtyards, and so on.

At around 3:30, it was beginning to seem like time for a rest from my wanderings, and I saw some people sitting down at what looked like a very pleasant outdoor cafe. I decided that they had the right idea. When I sat down, I discovered that it was the terrace of El Prado, a rather upmarket Mexican restaurant. (In fact, it’s the one in the background of the photo.) I also discovered that it was almost happy hour. The $4 shredded beef taquito appetiser and the $3.50 margarita did indeed add to my happiness.

After that, it was time to head back to the hotel to get my bag, and then to the airport. I certainly hope to revisit San Diego and Balbao park.

San Diego Signs

San Diego does signs rather well. My favorite is this one from the old town, forbidding food and drink in the restaurant.

It’s a close thing between that sign and the one in the photography museum forbidding photography which, for obvious reasons, I did not photograph. I also enjoyed the sign telling us not to feed ourselves to the plants, and the sign telling us not to feed anything to the waterfowl or fish.

In San Diego

I’m in San Diego for a conference. An impending post will address your eager questions about the paper I’ll be giving here.

The hotel is by the Marina. The downside of that is that it’s something of a compound, away from the town. And it’s cloudier and cooler than I believe is normal in San Diego.

But enough of these churlish complaints. I was able to enjoy a swim outdoors this morning.