Foaming About Phones

I currently have three phone numbers. I must confess that one is a landline. It’s on the same Verizon bill as our internet access. It’s pretty reliable, but seems expensive, and I doubt that we’ll have a landline after we move.

We recently got some voicemails from Verizon about voicemail. Apparently the system will soon be upgraded, and the upgrade will not be completely automatic for all customers: some manual intervention will be required.

I’m surprised that I haven’t heard about this upgrade from other sources. I can find nothing about it at I’ve seen nothing about it in Boston media, although I should confess that I haven’t made a systematic search of either old or new local media.

My second number is for my cellphone, or was until my cellphone recently died. I use a T-Mobile prepaid plan. I previously posted about T-Mobile’s customer service, or lack thereof. My more recent experience is that service is pretty good once I get through to a human being, but that I have to provide my phone number an inordinate number of times before that happens.

My third number is on GrandCentral. It will become a Google Voice number if I am ever able to access it.

But I can’t access my GrandCentral number. I’ve forgotten my password. Attempts to reset it just lead back to a page that prompts for the very password I’ve forgotten.

While I’m not thrilled with the service I get from Verizon and T-Mobile, at least there is service. That’s more than can be said for GrandGoogle.

Service in Boston

The post title is neither oxymoronic nor sarcastic. Thanks to the following establishments for good service in the last 10 or so days of 2007.

  • West on Centre, for the free desert on my birthday.
  • Canto 6 Bakery and Café, where the service is just one part of being what a bakery should be. (Strange that someone who lives in Roslindale should go to a JP bakery, perhaps, but it’s on the way to work after dropping the kids off.)
  • Roche Bros in West Roxbury, for giving my son a Merry Christmas balloon while we were waiting in line.

Happy new year!