Month in Montgomery County, MD

Warm Winter WayIt was one month ago today that we closed on the house in Silver Spring, or, to be more specific, Wheaton. It’s been a good month, because we all like the house, those of us with jobs or schools like them, and there’s a lot of fun to be had locally.

For example, we’ve enjoyed Wheaton Regional Park. The conservatories have been provided particularly welcome refuge from the cold, and the model train exhibit has made the conservatories even more fun, especially for Max, our 3yo. By the way, both the train exhibit and the Garden of Lights have been extended until Jan 10 to make up for the days lost in the snowstorm.

There seem to be a lot of places to eat cheaply and well round here. Yelp has led us to several of them, most recently to New Kam Fong, where we had dim sum yesterday lunchtime.

I see that there are several interesting-looking local blogs, including Good Eatin’ in Wheaton (overdue for a visit to NKF) and Just Up the Pike. Dan Reed, author of the latter, provided a review of 2009 round here, which I read although/because I wasn’t here for most of the year.

Snow in Silver Spring

Steps or Steppes?If we moved south because we didn’t like Boston winters, we picked the wrong year, or we didn’t move far enough, or… Anyway, the Washington Post reports that the DC region begins to dig out after record storm.

Saturday’s storm broke all records for a December snowfall and buried the Washington area, forcing authorities to suspend public transportation, declare a state of emergency and plead with residents to stay home…

The storm began in the Gulf of Mexico and continued northeast along a track meteorologists call an “I-95 special,” growing most intense over the Washington area. New York and Boston also had heavy snowfall, but by the time the storm reached that area, its heart was over the ocean so those cities received less snow…

Some areas, particularly in Southern Maryland, experienced wind gusts up to 40 mph. The total measured snowfall at Reagan Airport at 8:58 p.m. was 16.3 inches, but it was as high as 23 inches elsewhere in the region. That would be more snow in a 24-hour period than the region typically gets in an entire winter.

Meanwhile Boston braces for a great white wave, and Universal Adam features the Snowmageddon tweets.

I took the photo yesterday morning, less than halfway through the storm. It’s part of the rather good Flickr group Sprung from Silver Spring.

Settling in to Silver Spring

Running to the playgroundWe completed the purchase of our new house last Thursday, December 3. We moved in on Monday of this week. Since then we’ve been opening boxes, hanging pictures, getting to know our way around, etc.

The kids like the new place, and already feel at home here. Here they are running toward the nearest playground. As you can see, it looks like a castle in the woods, with a color scheme very similar to that of Max’s winter coat.

Maddie is looking forward to starting at Highland Elementary School on Monday. We went there this morning to do paperwork and to visit. Max smelled and saw the pizza that was for school lunch today, and was very upset that he couldn’t have any.

We’re in the Wheaton-Glenmont area of Silver Spring, in Montgomery County Maryland. That puts us near the Red line of the DC Metro. I think that the Metro will make a welcome change from the Boston T.