The Coolest, the Most Rock and Roll

Some of us might aspire to be cool, but none of us will ever approach this: Booker T & the MGs playing live, with Creedence Clearwater Revival watching with delight and adoration.

That’s the coolest, or at least my nomination. Please add yours in the comments. But now…

The most rock and roll? Many years ago, I went to a Yo La Tengo show in a small room at a local college. The opening band (TOB) told us about a pre-show conversation that went something like this.

YLT, noticing that TOB did not have the best of microphones: You should use our mikes.

TOB: Thanks, but we’re sick.

YLT: You should use our mikes.

TOB: But we’ll get snot all over your mikes.

YLT: You should use our mikes.

TOB: You’ll probably get whatever horrible thing we have.

YLT: You should use our mikes.

Yes, that is my favorite rock and roll anecdote. It involves snot rather than spit. It involves kindness and consent. Yes, I have led a sheltered life.

Can you do better, or appropriately worse?