Spring, and Return of the Botweed

Spring has come to Changing Way, with new content blooming. But weeds, the form of spam comments, are also appearing, and Akismet isn’t a completely effective weedkiller. I’ll help it, by manually marking the comments in question as spam.

I hope that the change of seasons is going well for you.

Teahouse in Spring 3I took the photo about a year ago, at Brookside Gardens.

Tale of Two Springs

Down the StepsWe took a trip up to Boston for a few days, returning on Easter Sunday. The picture is appropriate, not only seasonally, but because we had a party at the indoor playground with this mural outside (Kids’ Fun Stop in West Roxbury, highly recommended, and not just because the owner is a good friend).

We drove past our old house in Roslindale, which made Maddie (now 7) nostalgic, but which Max (4) doesn’t really remember. We also drove past Fallon Field playground, where we spent many an hour, and the arboretum, in which we would have taken a walk had the weather been kinder.

We took the kids’ winter coats to Boston, and the weather justified our decision. Then we got back to the DC area, and were soon digging out their summer sandals. We also had to get out the allergy medication: Max started sneezing while we were still on the plan descending toward BWI airport.

This is a great part of the world, especially if you can stand the pollen, the heat to come, the traffic, and a few other things. I still miss Boston, though.

Spring and Music in the Month

“White rabbits,” or something like that. I wonder if posting about Microsoft before rabbits will bring me bad luck for the new month? Anyway, here we are in March, and spring is in the month, if not in the air. Or, at least, the Spring Equinox falls in March (on the 20th this year).

A few days before the equinox, Volume One of She and Him’s collaboration will be released. She is Zooey Deschanel, he is M Ward, and they first got together to record a cover of a song from my favorite album.

She did most of the lead singing and writing for Volume One. Her voice, for me, somehow evokes spring. I think that I thought that even before reading her thoughts on songs, acorns, and winter that appear on the MySpace page. Anyway, here’s “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?”

Here’s something else spring-like and musical. It’s the design for We Are the Music Makers, a t-shirt design at Go Ape.

I hope that March has started well for you.