WanderNote Launches, Seeks Pioneers

Once I found Evernote on my Android to be an excellent notebook, I started thinking about publishing some of the notes and snapshots I take with it. Publishing made me think of WordPress.

WanderNote is a web service for publishing… you guessed it, content from Evernote. Here’s my WanderNote blog. And here’s the main WanderNote About page, with content also provided by me.

Some of that content is an invitation to contact me about becoming one of the elite band of WanderNote Pioneers. Take a look, have a think, let me know if you want to get in to this early beta.

Founding Wijard

How about a thing that’s both a web widget and a business card? That’s what a wijard is. Here’s the founding wijard, which is both the first wijard and the wijard of the founder (me). Or rather, here’s the widget part of it.

[clearspring_widget title=”Wijard Founder” wid=”49148a40a6b320ec” pid=”49150f8c0542db23″ width=”525″ height=”525″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”]

Of Snakes and Startups

Snakes in a Blog Header

One of things I thought when I saw these milk snakes was that their pattern would look cool as a web site background or custom header for a blog. That is a strange thought, not least because it would make the site unappealing to the many people who have ophidiophobia.

But, as you can see, I was unable to resist going ahead. So the snakes are now on board, or at least on custom header, with an idea for a web service. We have a domain (presscribe.com, since supplemented with .org). We’re not afraid to use it, although I’m not sure whether we actually will; the snakes have yet to produce any quality code.

This image has proportions similar to some of the WordPress themes with custom header, such as PressRow. By the way, ourtimes posted a handy table of image sizes for the custom header themes available at WordPress.com. I suspect, though, that ourtime’s post is a little out of date now.