Printable Blogs

It should be easy to get a good print of a post or page from a blog. I like to think that’s true of this blog. If so, it’s no thanks to me: my tinkering with the style sheet for the Simpla theme has not included anything specific to printing.

A couple of posts reminded me of this today. One, at ReadWriteWeb, concerns a printer-friendly version of RWW. It’s an example of a post in which the best points are in the comments, rather than in the original post. Summary: printer-friendliness is a job for the stylesheet.

The other post is Jeremiah Owyang’s account of the Community Manager role, which I’ve had cause to refer to and forward to others. There looks to be some great stuff in the comments, as well as in the original post. So I’ve taken advantage of the printer-friendliness of Jeremiah’s blog to run off hardcopy as part of my lunchtime reading.

Of the many silly predictions made about computers, the one that makes me smile the most is that they would reduce the amount of paper used. I regard computers and paper as complements, rather than as substitutes. To put it another way, paper is an information technology, and often a very effective and appropriate one.