Drupal Earworm

I didn’t realize until this morning that there is a Drupal song. It is infuriatingly catchy, so don’t listen to it and then claim I didn’t warn you.

I found out about the Drupal song from a post by Dries, who can claim much of the responsibility for Drupal, but can deny any direct responsibility for the song. It is an earworm: a song or other music that repeats compulsively within one’s mind.

The sequences Acquia-Buytaert and Drupal-Earworm compelled me to write the following. Social media addiction compelled me to incorporate links.

A is for Acquia, founded by Dries;
Buytaert’s his last name, pronounce it with ease.
C is for CMS (rather weird term);
Drupal‘s a CMS, subject of worm.
Ear’s where the worm lives,
Forget it I cannot.
Got to stop rhyming,
Halt it here, dammit!

I should note that the above alphabet rhyme, like all of the content at Changing Way, is under a Creative Commons Attribution license, and so can be completed, augmented, adapted, mashed up, etc., as much as you want as long as you attribute.

Traackr Turns Up

The story so far: I set up an account on Traackr, then became inclined not to use the service, because it didn’t seem to have taken any notice of the stuff I’d told it about.

Then, yesterday, I got an automated email from Traackr telling me that it had made my “asset data” available. More important, I got a personal email from Pierre-Loïc of Traackr, explaining the delay, while accepting responsibility for it. The tone of the email was very friendly, especially considering that I had reported the problem on my (public) blog, and not through Traackr’s support channels.

So, I’m back on Traackr!