Social Media Thanks

Who or what are you thankful for in social media? asks Mashable Ben. I’m thankful for sharing, which is vital to social media in so many ways.

So much of the software is free/open source. So many of the web services are free as in freemium. So much of the content is shared via creative commons. So many people share their knowledge to help others via support forums and other channels.

Reasons to be Thankful

I’m thankful for my wife and kids. They just left to drive down to Philadelphia, to spend Thanksgiving with family there. I’m up here in Boston to finish packing our house. I miss them already.

I’m thankful for friends, such as those with whom I’ll be having Thanksgiving dinner. It was those same friends with whom Judy and I celebrated Christmas in 2002. We thought that our first child was five weeks away. But as we were turning in that Christmas night, Maddie decided that she couldn’t wait much longer to come out.

So Maddie will be six on the day after Christmas this year. Her brother, Max, is three. The four of us will be in a new house, in Silver Spring, Maryland, for this Christmas.

Before I get on with packing, I’ll call my parents. They live in England, where the day after Christmas is Boxing Day. And, of course, Thanksgiving comes on the fourth of July.