WordPress 2.6

WordPress 2.6 is out. Why is this relevant here, at WordPress.com? First, because this particular corner of WordPress.com is mine, and WordPress itself is one of the things I blog about. Second, because we’re pretty much running 2.6 here, without having to do our own upgrades. If you also blog at WordPress.com and haven’t noticed a difference, don’t worry: 2.6, unlike 2.5, does not bring major changes to the admin interface.

The third reason for mentioning the new version is that I’ve upgraded my WordPlay test blog to 2.6. I’m following the upgrade with a few other changes, blogging as I go. No problems so far…

Google Gears and the Need for Speed

The purpose of Google Gears, I thought, was to make browser-based applications available when the web wasn’t available. I was right, but there’s more to Gears than that.

MySpace said it would use Google Gears to power search and sort functions for its email, giving users a highly sought-after functionality at little cost to MySpace infrastructure, reports GigaStacey. So Gears allows MySpace to do more processing without having to invest in more cloud power.

James left the intersting comment that WordPress is using Gears in a similar way. I clicked over to his Geniosity blog, where I found his post about WordPress 2.6 and Gears. That forthcoming version of WordPress uses Gears to manage a cache. James finds it appropriate that the way to enable this caching is to click on the new “Speed Up!” button.

I’ll resist the temptation to make jokes about “Automattic gears” and “top gear.”