Game Boy Color, Ten Years On

Gameboy Games Leaving Home 1I’ve almost finished clearing out what used to be the games closet. Behind the board and card games was the sneaker box containing my Nintendo Game Boy Color (GBC), dozen or so games, and accessories.

I’m selling about half the games. (The photo is the one I’m using for the ebay auction.) The ones I’m keeping are mainly classics like Tetris, which I’ve spent far too much time playing over the past few days, Pokemon Yellow, Super Mario.

I see from Wikipedia that the GBC came out in 1998, and that the GBC and original GB combined sold over 100 million units. I bought my GBC from Kozmo, along with Pokemon Yellow. That was in I think 1999, near the height of the dot-com and Pokemon crazes. The Pokemon craze was of course a lot more rational.

The GBC seemed a little clunky at first, but bears its decade of life well. I’m impressed with the GBC, with Nintendo, and of course with Tetris. Now, if I can just get good enough scores to get my ex-girlfriend off the leader board…